How do I book?

To book simply contact us with details of your party and a package/characters you have in mind.

Please include the date of your party and postcode of your location as this is easier to check our availability.



Do you do parties/events outdoor?
Only certain characters are available for outdoor parties and events due to costumes and wigs.
We have certain requirements for outdoor parties so we must be informed in advance if you wish to have a party outdoor.
If I enquried with a date for a party does that mean the date will be kept for me?

We can only keep the date for 4 days without a deposit. If we do not get deposit within the 4 days we will reopen the date which may mean you loose your party date. We understand that you may need to find a venue however, so if you were to get a venue and wanted to change the date this is not a problem providing the date is free.


What areas of the North East do you travel to?

 Ever Ever After Parties are happy to travel all round the North East.

We do however charge a small travel fee and fuel fee for parties of a far distance from our base location.


How much space do I need for a party?

Our performers can perform in living rooms to church halls and have different activities to suit the venue.

If you are booking a character such as Cinderella for a home party we do recommend a larger spaced room due to the ball gown hoop.


How far in advance do I have to book and pay?

This all depends on the characters you are after however we do recommend booking in advance.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking and we also require an event form to be filled in.

The rest of the payment is due 10 days before your party.


Can I cancel a party?

We are happy to refund you for a party if something has happened for eg. Your child has took ill,weather conditions etc...

However we can not refund you if our performers have already set off to your party. Your deposit is non refundable however.


What is the optional assistance with buffet?

The optional assistance with your buffet is where the characters will mingle talking to children as they eat.

They will also help to hand out food and pour drinks.


What is involved with the mini-makeovers?

The mini makeovers can involve all of the following: nails,eyeshadow,lip gloss and face glitter. 


What craft activities can I choose from?

We do craft activities to suit the theme of the party. We can do boy and girl craft activities so for eg. swords for boys crowns for girls but we need te exact number of children attending.


How do I pay?
Payment is to be done via pay pal or bank transfer the package payment is due 10 days prior to party.
Can I pay with a cheque?
Yes you can pay with a cheque however this must be sent well in advance to us.
If guests are running late will the performers stay longer?

We recommend when booking to have the performers arrive around 10/15 minutes after the guests arrived, this is to be sure they are all in

and also so the children do not see the performers in the car ruining the magic.

Our performers can only attend for the time scheduled on the booking form due to other parties the performers may have throughout that day. 


Do you come in costume or need somewhere to get changed?

Our performers will already be in costume and character when they arrive at your party so this is not required.


I have more children attending than what I said on the form is this a problem? 

This may be a problem depending on the package you have booked. We should be informed of this in plenty of time before your party. 

Please remember you need an assistant or two characters for a party of 15 or more children.