Party Tips


Here we have provided a few tips for you child's party to run smoothly.


  • Photo opportunities are a big part of the party so you have this photo as a keepsake for years to come. To capture the best photos we recommend one of the parents helping to keep the children in line for photos,you can even set up your own area for the photos.

  • Pass the parcel is a hit at parties all though we don't provide a parcel we can play this with your provided parcel.

  • Because children can sometimes become easily dstracted we recommend if you are having a bouncy castle to deflate this when the characters arrive. We also request that you have no loose balloons or toys lying around whilst the characters are there.

  • Time of our arrival we always suggest that you have the characters arrive after the guests and leave before the guests leave.

  • We want the children to believe so we ask that children are kept away from the doors and windows when characters arrive and leave to avoid them seeing the characters in the car we sadly don't come by horse and carriage (they don't allow them on the motorway.)

  • The party games and dances don't have to just be for the children, grownups are welcome to join in!

  • If you are having a face painter whilst we are at your party? We recommend if you have a face painter have them give out number card system instead of a queuing system.