We are often looking for performers to join the EEA team.
If you are interested in applying to be part of our team please see below requirements for the job roles.
  • Weekend availability 
  • Passion working with children
  • No visible tattoos 
  • Drivers license is a strong advantage
  • Ability to do a strong American Accent and RP English Accent
  • Able to Sing (Some character however are not required to sing)
  • Love of fairytales and performing
To apply, please send your performance CV along with headshot to info@evereverafterparties.co.uk you may also be then asked to provide a video audition.
In this video we ask you to do the following:
  • Introduce yourself stating your name and age
  • Perform a fairytale song of your choice (verse and chorus only)
  • Tell us who your favourite fairytale character is and why.
  • Perform a short monologue in an American accent
Once you have completed this please send this across to our email you may need to upload it to Youtube or Dropbox if the file is to big.
If you are successful we will then have you attend a training day.
Working with EEA you are self employed meaning you declare your work if and when you have this.
Thank you and Good Luck 

Join The Team